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The best of both worlds!

In the Middle East the date has a very high cultural importance and is one of the oldest cultivated plants of mankind.

The Austrian ZOTTER chocolate, on the other hand, is one of the best chocolates in the world.

We combine both with each other and thus create a unique taste experience!

Royal dates from Madina, covered with Austrian ZOTTER chocolate and produced in our factory in Vienna!

Let us create something new out of diversity, with pleasure that brings us together!


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Only the best

Our ingredients

Our dates come mainly from the region known for the best dates in the world: MADINA! We receive the fruit DIRECTLY from the date farm and are also in direct contact with the farmers. The harvest is traditionally done by hand and only the best fruits are exported!


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A WHITE dream!

Madina dates wrapped in gorgeous white ZOTTER chocolate:

  • White chocolate dates sprinkled with pistachio
  • White chocolate dates sprinkled with coconut
  • White chocolate dates sprinkled with dried raspberries

ingredients: BIO dates, ZOTTER chocolate

White chocolate on a high level with a fine melt: 30% organic cocoa butter, no foreign fats, best organic mountain milk from Tyrol (Bio vom Berg), raw cane sugar, whole cane sugar, a pinch of bourbon vanilla, a touch of cinnamon and a hint of salt.