Date palms are considered to be the oldest cultivated plants in the world.

Our dates come mainly from the region that is known for the world's best dates: MADINA in Saudi Arabia!

We get the fruits delivered directly from the date farm and are also in direct contact with the farmers.

Date fruits take about 7 months to reach full maturity, whereby a date palm can carry up to 100 kg of dates. Date palms only bring fruit every two years, but they can be fertile for up to 100 years and provide fresh dates.

The harvest is traditionally done by hand, starting at the beginning of October and ending in January.

To do this, the date farmers have to climb the palm trees, cut off the panicles and transport them down. The palm trees have to be climbed several times a year. Sorting and packing into boxes is all done by hand. Only the best fruits are exported.


ZOTTER produces its own chocolate bean-to-bar in the chocolate factory in Riegersburg. From cocoa beans to finished bars, everything in-house. The roasting, grinding, rolling and conching is done in small batches and individually tailored to the cocoa.

Since the beginning of the 2018/19 chocolate season, ZOTTER has not used the Fairtrade seal and uses the new fair “hand sign” as its logo. ZOTTER is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), which audits the company as a whole according to fair guidelines. In doing so, he distances himself from mass balancing in the Fairtrade system. ZOTTER relies 100 percent on fair trade and physical traceability of raw materials.

The cocoa is mainly bought in Latin America, the home of cocoa. Fairly traded organic cocoa from small farmers, planted in mixed cultures, not only stands for taste, but also for the preservation of cultures - of people and plants.

ZOTTER buys its cocoa directly from cocoa farmers, pays many times the world market price and supports cocoa farmers so that they can rely on quality and premium cocoa varieties. This also makes cocoa farmers independent of the world market, which is mainly interested in consumer cocoa.